Our service is to transform an image into an embroidery file for use in computerized embroidery machines.

Embroidery Digitizing Service


Our mission is to provide top quality embroidery digitizing, also know as punching, with a fast turnaround at a low price, only $1.75 per thousand stitches. We work to help your embroidery business and always give friendly service. Our Normal turnaround is less than 24 hours. We have four embroidery shops which serve to put us ahead of our competition. Since 1993 when we opened our first embroidery shop we start to experience on how to satisfy a customer even the most exigent one.

Our daily experience at our shops not only guarantees the quality and integrity of our work but guarantees that every one of our costumer will receive the same responsive service and one on one attention we have provided all those years. 

Choose well your digitizing company. It will reflect your future in the embroidery business. Digitizing is the hearth of the embroidery and you must use a very good digitizing company to have a good quality embroidery. We have satisfied customers in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and others countries around the world.

Our assurance: low price, quality, integrity, customer service, fast delivery and after-sale support 

Services: digitizing and punching, free quotes, free stitch estimating, editing, resizing, tape conversion

Finished designs belong only to the customer and are archived 5 years.

Puncher.com name came from the punching embroidery tapes that the first embroidery machines used. Puncher is the person who makes embroidery punching files. Puncher embroidery digitizing is a traditional and recognized embroidery digitizing company that made more than 250 thousands embroidery designs until today.

   Quality is very important to us!  

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