We are a company with 22 years of tradition dedicated to high quality embroidery digitizing. Our goal is to assist our costumer with excellence. 

To achieve that, we are constantly recycling our techniques and investing in well trained assistance for all of our customers. This is our differential: qualified efficient assistance. 

Our Customer Service Representatives are always ready to help from your registration thru the completion of a job and guarantee your satisfaction. 

We made contact easy for you. All of our representatives have vast knowledge about the embroidery process. This way we can answer your questions quickly in a precise manner. 

Throughout our experience, PUNCHER has acquired knowhow in large scale embroidery production. 

This everyday procedure has made possible the development of techniques and quality standards for the digitizing service we provide. 

Our aim is to find solutions to achieve the best results. 

We are a team. From the quotation to the order placement we are always considering the feasibility of the project and suggest the best ways to make it possible. 

We make ourselves available to help you with any questions you may have. 


What is is a digitizing company that serves all embroidery companies that need to transform an image into an embroidery tape for use in computerized embroidery machines. 
Puncher dot com and Magic Cap are two partner companies. works with embroidery digitizing and Magic Cap performs the embroidery. They were founded in march of 1993 in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, by Almiro Guimarães and D. Bossi. We are specialists in embroidered headwear and sportswear designs.
In those long years of operation, we observed how the embroidery market grew and changed. But we adapted well and today we have substantial embroidery experience.
We are very professional and we are known for the high quality designs that we produce and for the low price that we charge.
Our daily experience with customers at our shops makes the difference between us and the other Internet embroiderers. We are real. Magic Cap has four shops. We know what customers like and dislike. We have several one head embroidery machines at each shop. At Puncher building we have five one head embroidery machine. has 8 work stations and can manage around 50 designs per day. 
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