FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my design back?
Orders typically ship on less than 24 hours of receiving your order. But we have an express service for rush orders with few hours turnaround at a special rate.

How much is shipping?
Doesn't apply to emailed files

What vector formats do you provide?
We provide PDF, CDR and AI.

How do I pay?  Is it secure?
Payment can be made by credit card, www.paypal.com  or bank deposit at a USA bank. We have a secure page where the customer can complete the registration process on our site. 

Can you send me an invoice?
Yes, we always send an invoice to assist our customers in monitoring their expenses with us.

How does your billing system work?
For first time customer we ask that our registration page be completed. Then we start work for you. We typically submit our billing at the end of each month. Invoices are sent listing all designs completed for each customer with prices and pictures.

Do your prices include any corrections that I may need?
Of course.  We will make all corrections that you need. Additional charges would only apply if the original design or art sent to us has been changed.

How can I send you my logo?
You can send using our web site, our by email and also by WhatsApp.

Can I provide my own embroidery file for you to change for me?
No sorry, we only work with designs made by our company. We think that is better make a new file than fix a file not made by us.

Can you send me a catalog?
We do not have a printed catalog.  All of our product information is available on the Internet.

What if I don’t like my design?
Let us know!  We’ll do whatever it takes to satisfy your expectations. Our policy is simple; we're here for you.  We offer a 30 days garantee for each file. If you ever have a comment, concern or complaint, simply contact us and we'll make it right.  It's that simple.

Can you send me the outline file of your embroidery software?
yes, we can send it in .EMB or . PXF . This is the native format of the Wilcom and Pulse software.

What are your office hours and time zone?
See here our office hours.



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